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PensionPath offers you a rich resource of information concerning your Intermountain pension benefit, including estimates, updates and general information.

Important note: PensionPath calculations do not include any Savings Plus 401(k) matching contributions paid by Intermountain Healthcare. To see how your 401(k), pension and Social Security benefits will impact your total income at retirement, please visit our interactive Total Retirement Calculator. This calculator includes the 4% Intermountain matching contributions that you will receive beginning January 1, 2010 if you contribute 5% or more of your paycheck into your 401(k) plan account.

To access the calculator, go to, hover over the “Pay and Personal” tab, click “Retirement & Savings” then select “Total Retirement Calculator” under “Retirement & Savings Links”.

The IRS issued guidance to clarify when an employee can continue employment while receiving pension benefits.

Monthly Annuity Retirees – If you elect the annuity payment and have fulfilled the requirements listed below, you have the option to apply for reemployment at Intermountain Healthcare and still receive your pension benefit, as long as you work less than 1,000 hours per year prorated.

Lump Sum Retirees – If you elect the lump sum payment and have fulfilled the requirements listed below, you have the option to apply for reemployment at Intermountain Healthcare. You will not be restricted as to the number of hours you are allowed to work.

If you would like to work for Intermountain Healthcare during your retirement years, please keep the following points in mind before you consider seeking reemployment.

  • Break in Service. You must have experienced a meaningful break in service—which is generally one year—from your position with Intermountain or SelectHealth and had no prearrangement of reemployment before retirement.
  • Less than one year. The break can be less than one year if there has been an unanticipated change in circumstances since retirement and there was no prearrangement of reemployment.
  • Exception: If you are age 65 or older, you can elect to start receiving your pension benefit without a break in service once you have a month during which you work less than 80 hours.
  • Suspension of Payments. If you are receiving your benefits in monthly payments, they will be suspended if you are working at a rate that would exceed 1,000 hours for the year. However, your payments are not suspended after you reach age 70½, regardless of the hours that you work.

Questions? Call the Intermountain Retirement Program at 1.800.528.7845.

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